Eco-Post Puller


The Eco-Post Puller consistently and easily removes any types of post regardless of soil conditions, it will make projects easier saving you valuable time, physical effort and money.

Shipping $275.00 per post within the continental United States.

If you would like to ship outside the 48 states or will be ordering more than 3 Eco-Post Pullers, please contact us for shipping arrangements.

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Better stability due to a wider base (29.25in x 18.25in)
Minimized ground sinking due to an oversize base footing surface
Ability to remove concrete footings up to 17 ½” in diameter
Quick Post Removal Time – 45 Seconds for Most Applications
Remove larger diameter posts with 6” Jaws for post extraction
Easy to Handle and Position
Easy positioning and handling with the 11” three point contact handle and footing axle cross bar
Faster and Safer post wheel out
Greater strength and better leverage balance due to taller double support tower at 66.125in
Extended durability on Eco-Last Never Flat Tires due to precision ball bearings and grease ports
One pin removal multi-use Hi-Lift Jack – allowing versatility with other jack components (included)
Weight 210 lbs
Dimensions 29.25 x 18.25 x 66.125 in


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