High Strength, All Steel Eco-Friendly Products.

Eco-Last Fence provides protection, elegance, and durability for residential, commercial, and industrial fencing applications. These durable metal fence products meet the highest standards and requirements providing new architectural envision combining its extended durability with minimal or no maintenance required.

The Eco-Post Puller is designed to remove the most common-sized wood posts and can also extract all shapes of metal posts, including bent t-posts. With the Eco-Post Puller one person is capable of applying up to 3.5 tons of lifting force in a single operation, and it can be used on any ground surface from soft loose soil to the toughest and most harsh terrains.

Eco-Innovators: Welding Solutions Group

“The Metal Specialist People”. Eco-Last Fence and Eco-Post Puller are both designed, manufacturers and distributed by Welding Solutions Group.

No job is too big or small for Welding Solutions Group. Welding Solutions Group began in 1992 fabricating and repairing components for the marine and aviation industry. As time went on, the WSG team grew to offer consultation and training in the areas of oil and gas, railroad, manufacturing, and fabrication facilities. Now they are revolutionizing the fencing industry by introducing new materials, new processes in two exciting new products.

Welding Solutions Group (WSG) brings more than 25 years of welding and metallurgical experience which reflects in top quality, finished products. Delivering Quality products each and every time is the primary focus at Welding Solutions Group. The WSG is a big supporters of high efficiency, longevity, cost-effective, and Eco-Friendly products.

World-Class Products To Meet Any Requirements.

As a company built on excellence in welding, Welding Solutions Group built the Eco-Last Fence and Eco-Post Puller to be durable, long-lasting and flexible. Have an idea for a custom fence? Concerned about a tough landscape? Let us know! The WSG team behind these patent-pending products are ready to work with you to build a perfect fence for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Interested in becoming a distributor for the Eco-Last Fence and/or Eco-Post Puller? Contact us for more information.

Eco-Last Fence and Eco-Post Puller are proudly Made in the USA and are members of the American Fence Association.

About Eco-Last Fence & Eco-Post Puller


About Eco-Last Fence & Eco-Post Puller